It’s been a while but it is almost time for some Cornhole!

Hello Everyone,

Has been a little while since we posted, but the outdoor Cornhole season is just about here.

With that being said, we wanted to put out the following information to help you get people to your Tournaments, whether they are competitive or just for fun.

  1. If you are running a tournament and want to be listed on our website, please fill out our Event submission form on We will share it on our Social Media outlets and list it on our website.
  2. If you are running a tournament for fun, please list the event as a social tournament and specify any rules that you are going to be enforcing (doubles, bring your own partner, blind draw, only provided bags to be used, homemade boards, shortened distances, etc…) This will eliminate some questions and hopefully encourage players to come to the tournament in the right mindset. There are some specific Cornhole rules that if you enforced would make your tournament, even at the social level, a much better experience for players (27 feet, ACL/ACO bag measurements, etc…).
  3. If you are looking to maximize the tournament experience, consider consulting with us. It is a currently a free service that we can talk you through a series of different options over email or phone and help you maximize the Tournament experience.
  4. If you are looking for the best equipment for your tournament, we have 5 sets of Professional Level boards and 10 sets of Professional level bags that we rent out for a very affordable $100 per 6 hour day. This would allow you to run a competitive/advanced bracket on the best equipment available and a social tournament on other boards.
  5. If you are looking for the Ultimate Tournament experience, connect with us. For $200 we will show up to your location (within 20 miles of Massena) with our equipment, set up and run a Tournament with electronic brackets for up to 6 hours. You will be able to play in the Tournament or sit back and enjoy without the worries of running any part of the Tournament. All you need to provide is an outdoor location that is level and allows for at least 7 full sets of boards (60ft x 40ft). We can discuss any extra costs if you are over 20 miles from Massena NY. We have a limited number of Tournaments we can run and our calendar will fill up fast between the rentals and tournaments.

Lastly, if you are looking to invest in your own cornhole equipment, please buy quality equipment once and never worry about your equipment again. We have a page about the options when buying a quality set of boards ( and are working on one for bags too.

We hope everyone has a great start to the spring and that you get out soon to throw some bags!

27 Feet

27 Feet. Prior to about a week ago, this was simply the distance between two boards.

Now, it is the only magazine focused solely on the sport of Cornhole.

After reading through the initial issue, I am excited for where this can go and have some thoughts I hope to share with the creators (not sure if my submission was received, the contact us page lists 123-456-7890 as the phone number, and the email address is listed as

First, I would love this in print. I know that will not likely happen, but there is just something about flipping through the pages of a magazine on a subject I enjoy. I know the cost of producing a small sport hard copy of a magazine would not be financially possible in such small runs, but one can hope!

Second, it is new magazine, and they are developing their style. However, some of the writing needs to be cleaned up for better readability. Some of the articles are broken up with information barely related to the focus of the story and lost me for chunks of the article. I am not sure if there is an overall editor for the magazine at this time, but hopefully one emerges to bring all of the writing to being part of one magazine, rather than multiple contributors submitting to a common interest. Again, even while this is mildly annoying, it is 1 issue in, and I expect it to get better with each issue.

Third, I think if the magazine is going to interview someone or a company that has a lot of negativity (Not in the products, but the delivery timelines and back door dealings for “pro sponsorship bags”) then it should be an article that at least asks some questions about it. If I was an bag maker that had to pay for advertising in the magazine, and I saw that a competitor was given an overly positive interview when they are not able to deliver bags in even a semi-decent product window, when I am putting them in the mail next day, I would have been pissed.

Fourth, colors colors and more colors. I don’t hate the bright colors on so many pages. I might even grow to like them some day. What I cannot stand, on a digitally delivered magazine, is a lack of contrast on the colors between backgrounds and text and small fonts. They have to find a balance, maybe use a thicker font, maybe put a small faded later between the text and the background so that it is not a strain to read, especially on a digital device. I don’t want to have to zoom in on paragraphs to have the font thick enough to read, having to zoom out to move to the next paragraph and then zoom back in.

Lastly, the website pushing the magazine, needs work. Clearly they want to grow the game and give advertisers a way to get their product in front of potential customers (Big Advertising Space Available on the main page seems a little desperate). To have the contact page use generic information (, 123-456-7890 as the phone number) shows to potential advertisers and customers that it was a bit rushed to get the product out. I am not sure I would subscribe to a product after seeing the website, and I am not sure I would buy a shirt hoping it would show up when I cannot contact the company. I would love to see a names and contact info for the different people creating the magazine so that we put a name with the magazine. I cannot remember the last magazine that I read that didn’t have a listing of “relevant people” on one of the first few pages of the issue. While I don’t think this magazine needs to follow that formula to be successful, I would love to see that info available on the website.

So… give it a read, it has some really good content and is hopefully going to continue to grow this great game!


Anyone can play, Anyone can win!

So, if you haven’t been watching any of this cornhole stuff on the TV or online, here is a rundown of the Anyone Can Play and Anyone Can Win mantra of the American Cornhole League (ACL).

Currently, the number one Open Pro Singles player in the world is an 18 year old named Trey Burchfield.

Daymon Dennis, the number 3 ranked Pro Singles player is 65 years old (approx) and is probably the most consistent singles player in the world factoring in all of the tournaments he enters.

The number one Pro Singles player in the women’s division is Cheyenne Renner. Oh, and she is also ranked 17th in the Open Pro Singles division (male and female).

Matt Guy and Jamie Graham are the number one ranked Doubles team in the ACL. Matt has been competing in cornhole tournaments since 2000. Jamie just won the ACL world championship in 2020, when he was 21. Which means he was only born the year before Matt started competing in cornhole tournaments.

The number three ranked doubles team is Brett Guy and Erick Davis. Brett is the son on Matt Guy, mentioned above. Erick is 18 years old and has the best push shot in the game currently. Brett and Erick just beat Matt and Jamie for a $50,000 payday at the ACL Pro Shootout final.

So, get out there and play. Find friends, find local tourneys or blind draws, and get out there and play!



New Boards are in!

New boards are in and they are sweet! We now have the following for rent!

5 Full sets (West Georgia Cornhole Boards with All Cornhole Slide Rite bags)
2 Airmail boxes (Great for fundraisers)
8 Bagger Challenge Bags (Great for fundraisers)

Boards all have a scoreboard on the back of one of the boards so you never lose track of the score.

Rental Rates are as follows:
1-4 sets: $25 each for up to a 8 hour rental
5 sets: $100 for up to a 8 hour rental
Airmail Challenge Box $25 (Free if renting 5 sets)
8 Bagger Challenge Set $10 (Free if renting 5 sets)
Try a new bag rental: $5 per bag set (4) for an 8 hour rental – great to try different brands/speeds of bags before buying. List at bottom of page. If we are running a tournament, we will likely have additional bags to rent for the day if you want your own set for the tourney.

See our rental page for all rental information and the rental agreement.

New Boards are progressing

Just got an order update from West Georgia Cornhole – boards are in production. Should be shipping by the 12th of July, then we can put together some events. Let us know if you want to host a tournament or fun night and we can set something up!

Here is the proof of the boards from West Georgia Cornhole:

New Boards are Ordered!

First set of 5 boards has been ordered through West Georgia Cornhole. These are the Pro Series Custom boards and will be absolutely a dream to play on. These are the same boards being used across US in tournaments and on TV. We anticipate the boards being here and available for rent as of July 21st. To go with the boards, we have ordered 10 sets of AllCornhole Slide Rites, one of the most popular Cornhole bags on the market. These bags have a fast side for sliding up the board and a slow/sticky side for landing and staying on the boards.

They will look like this:

Want to have your logo on our next set of boards? Please check out our sponsorship page to see how you can have your logo added to our next set. These boards will stay in play for 10+ years, so think how far your sponsorship dollars could go.

Welcome to Northern New York Cornhole

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to NNY Cornhole and what we hope will be the hub for all things Cornhole in Northern New York.

Initially we will just be a hub for listing any of the local social tournaments that might pop up, but as we continue to work, the goal is to start at least one Cornhole league in the Massena NY area and start getting some competitive tournaments running. If you are looking to run a tournament (either as a fundraiser or as a competitive/social tournament) contact us and we would love to help.

We have professional quality boards and bags and are ready for your rentals. Contact us via the form on this website or email us to discuss what we have. Run your tournament or league with the highest quality boards made in the world and your event/league will have people wanting more. One of the biggest detractors from Cornhole events, is competitive players playing on different sets of boards that all play to different speeds/characteristics. Also, substandard boards (with sharp edges, differing slopes, differing surfaces, unsupported tops that lead to bouncing) will turn away your competitive players, especially those with their own bags. You can always run a competitive and social bracket with the social bracket keeping people using boards brought by the players that do not necessarily need to match in playing characteristics, but put your competitive players on high end equipment.

If you have any ideas or know of a business that wants to host either a league or a tournament, please contact us. We are especially looking for an indoor venue for a league or some winter tournaments.

Also, we are looking for sponsors, so if you know a busiess that wants to advertise on a board or a set of boards, send them to our sponsorship page.

Thank you,

Josh McLear