What’s Up Everyone!

So, ran our first tournament of the fall season yesterday at the Fall Family Fun Day at the Massena Police Activies League sponsored by Liberty Utilties yesterday. Wanted to run a social/casual tournament and then a competitive tournament. For some reason, no one came out to the social/casual tournament, so sponsored gift cards went un-awarded. Entry fee was a food donation for local food pantries. Ended up with 7 teams for the competive Tournament, coming from towns spanning Northern New York and as far away as Plattsburgh and Lake Placid and we even had a pair jump the border to come over to play from Ontario! We appreciated the teams that made the trip out and paid out $175 for the tournament winners and raised $175 for Massena PAL.

Coming up next for us are two tournaments we will be hosting at Robert Moses State Park. We will run a Double Elimination bring your own partner tournament, and immediately following that, will run a Double eilmination singles tournament. Games will be played on 5 sets of West Georgia Cornhole Pro Series boards, and assuming we get cell service, we will run it on Scoreholio. Payouts will be 100% (1st – 60%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd 10%). ACL bag spec rules apply. Entry fee for both tournaments will be $20 (per team in doubles and per individual in singles). Plan to bring a lawn chair, a cooler, and plan to have a good time!

Scorholio App Links:

Doubles Tourney

Singles Tourney

Hope to see you there!

Toss Masters Cornhole Tournament

Big event coming to Watertown NY Sunday May 22nd – hosted by Garland City Beer Works and NCPPC, Every Woman, Every Child, Every Family

$50 Entry fee, Bring Your Own Partner event, Double Elimination
Registration includes Koozie and 16oz GCBW beer!

See the flyer for all info and to register, limited to 50 teams!

It’s been a while but it is almost time for some Cornhole!

Hello Everyone,

Has been a little while since we posted, but the outdoor Cornhole season is just about here.

With that being said, we wanted to put out the following information to help you get people to your Tournaments, whether they are competitive or just for fun.

  1. If you are running a tournament and want to be listed on our website, please fill out our Event submission form on http://www.nnycornhole.com. We will share it on our Social Media outlets and list it on our website.
  2. If you are running a tournament for fun, please list the event as a social tournament and specify any rules that you are going to be enforcing (doubles, bring your own partner, blind draw, only provided bags to be used, homemade boards, shortened distances, etc…) This will eliminate some questions and hopefully encourage players to come to the tournament in the right mindset. There are some specific Cornhole rules that if you enforced would make your tournament, even at the social level, a much better experience for players (27 feet, ACL/ACO bag measurements, etc…).
  3. If you are looking to maximize the tournament experience, consider consulting with us. It is a currently a free service that we can talk you through a series of different options over email or phone and help you maximize the Tournament experience.
  4. If you are looking for the best equipment for your tournament, we have 5 sets of Professional Level boards and 10 sets of Professional level bags that we rent out for a very affordable $100 per 6 hour day. This would allow you to run a competitive/advanced bracket on the best equipment available and a social tournament on other boards.
  5. If you are looking for the Ultimate Tournament experience, connect with us. For $200 we will show up to your location (within 20 miles of Massena) with our equipment, set up and run a Tournament with electronic brackets for up to 6 hours. You will be able to play in the Tournament or sit back and enjoy without the worries of running any part of the Tournament. All you need to provide is an outdoor location that is level and allows for at least 7 full sets of boards (60ft x 40ft). We can discuss any extra costs if you are over 20 miles from Massena NY. We have a limited number of Tournaments we can run and our calendar will fill up fast between the rentals and tournaments.

Lastly, if you are looking to invest in your own cornhole equipment, please buy quality equipment once and never worry about your equipment again. We have a page about the options when buying a quality set of boards (https://nnycornhole.com/2021/09/16/buying-a-set-of-cornhole-boards/) and are working on one for bags too.

We hope everyone has a great start to the spring and that you get out soon to throw some bags!

Tournament and maybe a League – Potsdam Elks

I was sent info this afternoon about a Cornhole Tournament in Potsdam Wednesday December 1st, at the Elks in Potsdam NY. Looks like it is starting at 7pm and cost is $50 per team.

They are also looking to start a league, possibly starting January 5th and going for 13 weeks.

Looks like the address is 10 Elm Street in Potsdam.

If you go, shoot me info about the league so I can get it posted and out to more people!

UPDATE: It appears that this league is not playing the official distance of 27 feet between boards and it was closer to 18-19 feet between boards. While we understand this is not ideal, it is better than not throwing, but should have been noted beforehand!

Small Double Elimination Tourney

Bunch of us are camping at Barnhart this weekend, so running a small double elimination tourney. $10 Registration Fee. 75% payout with T-shirts (to be delivered at a later date).

Pre-Register Here or email us. If you are pre-registering in the Scoreholio app, both partners need to register. If you email me, I will put in your team as a whole.

Register in person from 1-2 and practice, bags fly at 2pm. We have a max of 16 teams at this point, with 8 registered.

Will be running on 5 sets of boards. Bags provided, but you can bring your own if you have ACL Pro or Comp or comparable bags. No corn filled or canvas bags.

Questions, reach out to me!