Tournament Consultation

Need help planning a tournament? Connect with us to help with some of the logistics and we will do our best to offer guidance and ideas.

Questions to consider before running a tournament…

  • Is this a fun event, a fundraiser or a competitive tournament?
  • Do you want the tournament to be more of a social experience or a competitive tournament, or do you want to offer different brackets to accommodate more players and have a more balanced tourney?
  • How many players or teams do you want to cap the tournament at?
  • Singles, Doubles (Bring Your Own Partner), Doubles (Blind Draw), Single Elimination, Double Elimination?
  • Do you have enough boards for the number of players/teams?
  • Bag Rules or limitations?
  • Do you want to offer side games (airmail challenge, 8 bagger challenge, etc…)?
  • How long do you want the tournament to last?
  • Scores to 21? Match Time Limit?
  • Do you have any sponsors? How will you display their info in relation to the boards?