Anyone can play, Anyone can win!

So, if you haven’t been watching any of this cornhole stuff on the TV or online, here is a rundown of the Anyone Can Play and Anyone Can Win mantra of the American Cornhole League (ACL).

Currently, the number one Open Pro Singles player in the world is an 18 year old named Trey Burchfield.

Daymon Dennis, the number 3 ranked Pro Singles player is 65 years old (approx) and is probably the most consistent singles player in the world factoring in all of the tournaments he enters.

The number one Pro Singles player in the women’s division is Cheyenne Renner. Oh, and she is also ranked 17th in the Open Pro Singles division (male and female).

Matt Guy and Jamie Graham are the number one ranked Doubles team in the ACL. Matt has been competing in cornhole tournaments since 2000. Jamie just won the ACL world championship in 2020, when he was 21. Which means he was only born the year before Matt started competing in cornhole tournaments.

The number three ranked doubles team is Brett Guy and Erick Davis. Brett is the son on Matt Guy, mentioned above. Erick is 18 years old and has the best push shot in the game currently. Brett and Erick just beat Matt and Jamie for a $50,000 payday at the ACL Pro Shootout final.

So, get out there and play. Find friends, find local tourneys or blind draws, and get out there and play!