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Welcome to Northern New York Cornhole

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to NNY Cornhole and what we hope will be the hub for all things Cornhole in Northern New York.

Initially we will just be a hub for listing any of the local social tournaments that might pop up, but as we continue to work, the goal is to start at least one Cornhole league in the Massena NY area and start getting some competitive tournaments running. If you are looking to run a tournament (either as a fundraiser or as a competitive/social tournament) contact us and we would love to help.

We have professional quality boards and bags and are ready for your rentals. Contact us via the form on this website or email us to discuss what we have. Run your tournament or league with the highest quality boards made in the world and your event/league will have people wanting more. One of the biggest detractors from Cornhole events, is competitive players playing on different sets of boards that all play to different speeds/characteristics. Also, substandard boards (with sharp edges, differing slopes, differing surfaces, unsupported tops that lead to bouncing) will turn away your competitive players, especially those with their own bags. You can always run a competitive and social bracket with the social bracket keeping people using boards brought by the players that do not necessarily need to match in playing characteristics, but put your competitive players on high end equipment.

If you have any ideas or know of a business that wants to host either a league or a tournament, please contact us. We are especially looking for an indoor venue for a league or some winter tournaments.

Also, we are looking for sponsors, so if you know a busiess that wants to advertise on a board or a set of boards, send them to our sponsorship page.

Thank you,

Josh McLear

What’s Up Everyone!

So, ran our first tournament of the fall season yesterday at the Fall Family Fun Day at the Massena Police Activies League sponsored by Liberty Utilties yesterday. Wanted to run a social/casual tournament and then a competitive tournament. For some reason, no one came out to the social/casual tournament, so sponsored gift cards went un-awarded. Entry fee was a food donation for local food pantries. Ended up with 7 teams for the competive Tournament, coming from towns spanning Northern New York and as far away as Plattsburgh and Lake Placid and we even had a pair jump the border to come over to play from Ontario! We appreciated the teams that made the trip out and paid out $175 for the tournament winners and raised $175 for Massena PAL.

Coming up next for us are two tournaments we will be hosting at Robert Moses State Park. We will run a Double Elimination bring your own partner tournament, and immediately following that, will run a Double eilmination singles tournament. Games will be played on 5 sets of West Georgia Cornhole Pro Series boards, and assuming we get cell service, we will run it on Scoreholio. Payouts will be 100% (1st – 60%, 2nd – 30%, 3rd 10%). ACL bag spec rules apply. Entry fee for both tournaments will be $20 (per team in doubles and per individual in singles). Plan to bring a lawn chair, a cooler, and plan to have a good time!

Scorholio App Links:

Doubles Tourney

Singles Tourney

Hope to see you there!

Toss Masters Cornhole Tournament

Big event coming to Watertown NY Sunday May 22nd – hosted by Garland City Beer Works and NCPPC, Every Woman, Every Child, Every Family

$50 Entry fee, Bring Your Own Partner event, Double Elimination
Registration includes Koozie and 16oz GCBW beer!

See the flyer for all info and to register, limited to 50 teams!

It’s been a while but it is almost time for some Cornhole!

Hello Everyone,

Has been a little while since we posted, but the outdoor Cornhole season is just about here.

With that being said, we wanted to put out the following information to help you get people to your Tournaments, whether they are competitive or just for fun.

  1. If you are running a tournament and want to be listed on our website, please fill out our Event submission form on We will share it on our Social Media outlets and list it on our website.
  2. If you are running a tournament for fun, please list the event as a social tournament and specify any rules that you are going to be enforcing (doubles, bring your own partner, blind draw, only provided bags to be used, homemade boards, shortened distances, etc…) This will eliminate some questions and hopefully encourage players to come to the tournament in the right mindset. There are some specific Cornhole rules that if you enforced would make your tournament, even at the social level, a much better experience for players (27 feet, ACL/ACO bag measurements, etc…).
  3. If you are looking to maximize the tournament experience, consider consulting with us. It is a currently a free service that we can talk you through a series of different options over email or phone and help you maximize the Tournament experience.
  4. If you are looking for the best equipment for your tournament, we have 5 sets of Professional Level boards and 10 sets of Professional level bags that we rent out for a very affordable $100 per 6 hour day. This would allow you to run a competitive/advanced bracket on the best equipment available and a social tournament on other boards.
  5. If you are looking for the Ultimate Tournament experience, connect with us. For $200 we will show up to your location (within 20 miles of Massena) with our equipment, set up and run a Tournament with electronic brackets for up to 6 hours. You will be able to play in the Tournament or sit back and enjoy without the worries of running any part of the Tournament. All you need to provide is an outdoor location that is level and allows for at least 7 full sets of boards (60ft x 40ft). We can discuss any extra costs if you are over 20 miles from Massena NY. We have a limited number of Tournaments we can run and our calendar will fill up fast between the rentals and tournaments.

Lastly, if you are looking to invest in your own cornhole equipment, please buy quality equipment once and never worry about your equipment again. We have a page about the options when buying a quality set of boards ( and are working on one for bags too.

We hope everyone has a great start to the spring and that you get out soon to throw some bags!

New League – SLC Cornhole, based in Heuvelton NY

Caught wind of a new cornhole league starting up in Heuvelton NY, on the 2nd floor above Doug’s Tavern (71 State St, Heuvelton NY). They are going by the SLC Cornhole League.

They have 10 sets of boards and will be playing at the official 27 feet distance between boards, and have a reported ceiling height of 20 feet!

Looks like they are starting up on Thursday January 6th at 6pm, and it will be a blind draw tournament every week and a cost of $10 each week. Players will accumulate points every week and there will be a tournament style playoff at the end.

I like that there is all of this information up front, and you know what you are getting into.

Here is a list of the rules they shared with me, but head on over to their Facebook page if you have any questions!

UPDATES: There will be alcohol for sale upstairs through the bar downstairs and there are still spots left, so if you are interested get in touch. Also, just to put it out there as the more information the better, the boards are all regulation size, but are not necessarily to ACL specs.

League Rules and Regulations

  • 27′ Throwing Distance
  • Blind draw for partner every week, determined by card draw. Partner cards will match boards used by the teams (i.e. 2 red Aces & 2 black aces will play on Ace boards, kings with kings, etc…)
  • A coin flip will be done on games #1 and #7 to determine lanes and who throws first (winner of coin toss gets choice).
  • Partners throw in same lane, board movement per game is pre-determined (I expect the people running the league will explain this).
  • ACL “Step Over” rules apply. If your foot lands over the line before your bag leaves your hand, the bag is void and removed from the board. Be respectful, warnings are OK.
  • Find your own sub if you can’t make it. 4 missed weeks will result in disqualification for the remainder of the season.
  • Players are allowed to use individual bags (partners don’t have to use same bags).
  • Best of 7 games (4 or more wins) gets 1 bonus point per week.
  • Playoffs will be individual games, best of 3 to advance. Top half of the league will have bracket spots for end of season, games will be bracketed by seed (i.e. 20 plays 1, 19 plays 2).
  • Player points: Any individual player who scores a recordable point score of 8 or more, keep track on sheet of all points.
  • 4 Bagger: Keep track of individual 4 baggers

Tournament and maybe a League – Potsdam Elks

I was sent info this afternoon about a Cornhole Tournament in Potsdam Wednesday December 1st, at the Elks in Potsdam NY. Looks like it is starting at 7pm and cost is $50 per team.

They are also looking to start a league, possibly starting January 5th and going for 13 weeks.

Looks like the address is 10 Elm Street in Potsdam.

If you go, shoot me info about the league so I can get it posted and out to more people!

UPDATE: It appears that this league is not playing the official distance of 27 feet between boards and it was closer to 18-19 feet between boards. While we understand this is not ideal, it is better than not throwing, but should have been noted beforehand!

27 Feet

27 Feet. Prior to about a week ago, this was simply the distance between two boards.

Now, it is the only magazine focused solely on the sport of Cornhole.

After reading through the initial issue, I am excited for where this can go and have some thoughts I hope to share with the creators (not sure if my submission was received, the contact us page lists 123-456-7890 as the phone number, and the email address is listed as

First, I would love this in print. I know that will not likely happen, but there is just something about flipping through the pages of a magazine on a subject I enjoy. I know the cost of producing a small sport hard copy of a magazine would not be financially possible in such small runs, but one can hope!

Second, it is new magazine, and they are developing their style. However, some of the writing needs to be cleaned up for better readability. Some of the articles are broken up with information barely related to the focus of the story and lost me for chunks of the article. I am not sure if there is an overall editor for the magazine at this time, but hopefully one emerges to bring all of the writing to being part of one magazine, rather than multiple contributors submitting to a common interest. Again, even while this is mildly annoying, it is 1 issue in, and I expect it to get better with each issue.

Third, I think if the magazine is going to interview someone or a company that has a lot of negativity (Not in the products, but the delivery timelines and back door dealings for “pro sponsorship bags”) then it should be an article that at least asks some questions about it. If I was an bag maker that had to pay for advertising in the magazine, and I saw that a competitor was given an overly positive interview when they are not able to deliver bags in even a semi-decent product window, when I am putting them in the mail next day, I would have been pissed.

Fourth, colors colors and more colors. I don’t hate the bright colors on so many pages. I might even grow to like them some day. What I cannot stand, on a digitally delivered magazine, is a lack of contrast on the colors between backgrounds and text and small fonts. They have to find a balance, maybe use a thicker font, maybe put a small faded later between the text and the background so that it is not a strain to read, especially on a digital device. I don’t want to have to zoom in on paragraphs to have the font thick enough to read, having to zoom out to move to the next paragraph and then zoom back in.

Lastly, the website pushing the magazine, needs work. Clearly they want to grow the game and give advertisers a way to get their product in front of potential customers (Big Advertising Space Available on the main page seems a little desperate). To have the contact page use generic information (, 123-456-7890 as the phone number) shows to potential advertisers and customers that it was a bit rushed to get the product out. I am not sure I would subscribe to a product after seeing the website, and I am not sure I would buy a shirt hoping it would show up when I cannot contact the company. I would love to see a names and contact info for the different people creating the magazine so that we put a name with the magazine. I cannot remember the last magazine that I read that didn’t have a listing of “relevant people” on one of the first few pages of the issue. While I don’t think this magazine needs to follow that formula to be successful, I would love to see that info available on the website.

So… give it a read, it has some really good content and is hopefully going to continue to grow this great game!


Cornhole Software for Practice and More

So, if you are here reading this you are either extremely bored or digging for more cornhole in the North Country. And, if you are digging for more cornhole in the North Country, you might be interested in this piece.

When I started playing a little more seriously, I started practicing more. When I started practicing more, there were times just throwing bags against myself just wasn’t productive and every now and again I would find myself screwing around rather than being productive. That is when I did some digging and found an app in the App Store called Scoreholio (free with paid features). I wasn’t looking for anything too invasive, just a quick way to track some simple stats while throwing and low and behold, outside of all of the advanced tracking, scoreboard, tournament finding parts, it has a dedicated practice tab.

This practice tab allows you to play against the ghost (GhostHolio) or do a Deca Round (Deca-Holio) to play against your previous scores in a 10 round match. Now do you need this software to practice, absolutely not. Does it help when you have no one to play with and you want a little bit of competition, of course it does.

Ghostholio is simple. You are playing against the Ghost. You pick the Ghost level you want to play from the following options for the difficulty of the Ghost:

Easy – Ghost scores 1-3 points per round
Medium – Ghost scores 4-6 points per round
Hard – Ghost scores 7-9 points per round
Expert – Ghost scores 10-12 points per round
Ben (creator of Scoreholio) – Ghost scores 0-12 points per round
Whittmart – Ghost scores 9-12 points per round

When you start the game, you are shown a scoreboard which shows you how many points the Ghost scored in that round. Your goal is to beat that round and the score changes based on how many points you score compared the Ghost. It also tracks how you scored (3 on, 1 in; 3 in, 1 on; 3 in, 1 off; etc….) to help you keep track of stats on where your room for improvement is. You play the game, tracking each round until the game is over, then the game is saved to your stats. This practice game is simple, just try to beat the ghost. As it is not even close to actually playing a round, I will occasionally bring one or two extra bags and throw then before I start throwing my bags to create some blockers or different bag layouts to add some realism.

If you though GhostHolio was simple, wait until you try Deca-Holio. The game here is simple. You get 10 rounds to score as many points as possible. You are playing against yourself and a clean board. This is great practice to just blast as many bags into the hole as possible and compare to see how you compare against previous attempts. It also keeps track of stats based on how many points you score so you can see similar percentages as you would in GhostHolio.

But wait, there’s more. So much more.

Scoreholio is also the backbone to so many tournaments and leagues across the nation. If you are traveling and want to find a tournament or a blind draw, open the app and search where you are going or where you are. If there is a tournament listed, you can typically pre-register in the app.

Also, let’s say you want to run a tournament, with less than 32 teams/people. And you want that tournament to be a round robin into an elimination tournament, a single elimination tournament, or a double elimination tournament, that is free too. Just create an organizer account, and in a few simple steps once you have logged in you are running a tournament. It can be run on a phone, a tablet, or a computer (I use an old Chromebook). Here is the bonus, if you have an Amazon Fire Stick, you can run all of the brackets, matches, upcoming matches all on a separate TV, simply by installing the Scoreholio App and finding your tournament (which is loads close tournaments first, so it is super easy).

Ready for the best part of all of this —> IT IS FREE! ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

Now, as it is an App, and not everything in life can be free, there are some paid features that you might want to purchase.

First, is SPR+. You know the stats I was talking about above in the practice modes. You get to see those for free for the game you just played. But, if you purchase SPR+ for $0.99 a month or $9.99 a year, you get to see all of your stats from every game you have played.

Second, if you are running tournaments or leagues, there are a few paid options. While the basic use is free, if you want to run a tournament with more than 32 teams or players on more than 8 courts, or want to have free chat support, or timers for the matches, you need to pay for one of the premium plans. There are $5, $10 and $20 a month options, with each level offering more support or features. The pricing structure can be found here.

So, this is all fine and dandy, but how easy is this “free” software to use? Let’s just say, that a recent tournament than I ran, my 10 year old son ran the tournament on the Chromebook in the middle of nowhere, using a weak cellphone hotspot connection. We also had a TV displaying the bracket and scores, again, run on a Fire Stick. All you have to do after creating the brackets is click on completed games and submit the scores. The software updates the brackets and displays who is playing on which courts. After playing the double elimination team tournament this past weekend, we had a group of us that wanted to play a quick single elimination individual tournament. It was as simple as entering the 12 names, clicking create bracket, then starting up. Everyone already knew how to read the screen and how to determine where they had to be. They reported scores back to the computer and it ran itself flawlessly.

I know this has been a long read already but I don’t want to end this there. Scoreholio is constantly running out new features, but this newest one is one I have been looking forward to the most. It already had the ability for the organizer to to provide tablets/phones for scoring that would report back to the live scoreboard for every match so people could see the different scores (at a higher paid subscription level). Now, currently in testing in the highest level, is the ability for any 1 of the people in the match to keep score on their personal phone using the same automatic functionality of the program. Now Scoreholio could have said this would remain available only to the highest subscription service to get more people to buy in, but instead, as soon as it was released, stated that it would be available across all subscription levels including the free level.

Also, in listening to Ben Budhu (creator and owner of Scoreholio) on a recent podcast, they are also working on a an inclusive league version of their software so you don’t have to run different “tournaments” each week of a league to make it work for any leagues you are running.

I will end this here. If you play cornhole you should have this app on your phone. At the very least, it has a free to use scoreboard when you are playing. At the very highest level, you will use it to check into tournaments, keep score during the game and submit scores to the tournament director, and keep your stats throughout the tournament.

All in all, you need this on your phone and if you are running tournaments, you need this in your bag!


Big River Cornhole League

So, Big things are coming, figuratively and literally!

Catching almost all of us by surprise, the St. Lawrence Centre Sports Complex posted last Wednesday that the Big River Cornhole League would be starting this week. A few of us reached out to the Mall, the Sports Centre and even the UPS store referenced in the post, and could not get any more information. This is what we knew. I got really concerned when I saw “uniform boards will also be provided”.

Then, today, another post showed up, stating that there would be a free shoot around for anyone interested tonight at 7.

I messaged the page again, and they still didnt have any information other than they knew they had professional quality boards and that there would be a season payout, but were not sure about weekly.

Shortly after that relative dead end again, other than showing up tonght and figuring stuff out, we still didn’t know much. Then out of nowhere, a good friend tagged me in a post that she saw. Finally we had a name. I reached out to that person (Laurie Gardner) and instantly had answers to almost all of my questions.

  1. Board were professionally made in Buffalo and there were 20+ sets of them. I only knew of one manufacturer in Buffalo that made higher end boards (Queen City Yard Games). I quickly jumped on Facebook and found the boards (properly rounded edges/holes and quality materials).
  2. Cost was definitely $150 per player and there would be three levels (Backyard, Intermediate, Advanced).
  3. Payout would be at the end of the season and he would be there tonight to answer any questions.
  4. The individual starting up the league is Greg Phillips.
  5. There would not necisarily be specific bag specs required (ACL or otherwise).

So, with at least a few of our concerns removed, I made time tonight to go out and hit up the mall. Upon entering I was greeted by Laurie and was able to see 4 sets of quality boards set up with a few guys throwing bags. It was re-assuring to see a measuring tape out and everyone was throwing real bags. I started asking Laurie a few questions about the Thursday night league and she introduced me to Greg. So, additional questions I got clarifications on.

  1. League would be a doubles based league.
  2. People would need to provide vaccination status (minmally a random draw of 2-3 people per week to verify status).
  3. Beverages can be consumed on the bench, but not on the field.
  4. If your partner cannot make it, like in a golf league, you should bring a sub (which may be subject to a sub fee).

Greg is a good guy who is working hard to grow the game up here and I am going to do everything I can to help. He has invested a ton of money and time into equipment and drove all the way to Buffalo to get the equipment before assembing it all himself.

After chatting, the 8 of us that were there played a quick random draw double elimination. Mike V and I came out on top. Was good to throw on the turf and the rubber pellets were really a non-issue. Just had to sweep the board after each round and a quick shake got them off the bags too.

A few more guys showed up while we were playing and it was nice to see a bunch of people getting together to throw.

So, if you are interested, the league starts up Thursday at 6pm at the turf at the Sports Complex. As with anything that is new, there could be some growing pains, so if you do show up, go with an open mind and be willing to be part of the solution if anything comes up! I am not sure I can commit to this league, but I still plan to go out to sub when I can and play in any potential side games.

Like I said, Big things are coming!

Big River Cornhole League – do it!

Until next time…