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New Boards are Ordered!

First set of 5 boards has been ordered through West Georgia Cornhole. These are the Pro Series Custom boards and will be absolutely a dream to play on. These are the same boards being used across US in tournaments and on TV. We anticipate the boards being here and available for rent as of July 21st. To go with the boards, we have ordered 10 sets of AllCornhole Slide Rites, one of the most popular Cornhole bags on the market. These bags have a fast side for sliding up the board and a slow/sticky side for landing and staying on the boards.

They will look like this:

Want to have your logo on our next set of boards? Please check out our sponsorship page to see how you can have your logo added to our next set. These boards will stay in play for 10+ years, so think how far your sponsorship dollars could go.

Welcome to Northern New York Cornhole

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to NNY Cornhole and what we hope will be the hub for all things Cornhole in Northern New York.

Initially we will just be a hub for listing any of the local social tournaments that might pop up, but as we continue to work, the goal is to start at least one Cornhole league in the Massena NY area and start getting some competitive tournaments running. If you are looking to run a tournament (either as a fundraiser or as a competitive/social tournament) contact us and we would love to help.

We have professional quality boards and bags and are ready for your rentals. Contact us via the form on this website or email us to discuss what we have. Run your tournament or league with the highest quality boards made in the world and your event/league will have people wanting more. One of the biggest detractors from Cornhole events, is competitive players playing on different sets of boards that all play to different speeds/characteristics. Also, substandard boards (with sharp edges, differing slopes, differing surfaces, unsupported tops that lead to bouncing) will turn away your competitive players, especially those with their own bags. You can always run a competitive and social bracket with the social bracket keeping people using boards brought by the players that do not necessarily need to match in playing characteristics, but put your competitive players on high end equipment.

If you have any ideas or know of a business that wants to host either a league or a tournament, please contact us. We are especially looking for an indoor venue for a league or some winter tournaments.

Also, we are looking for sponsors, so if you know a busiess that wants to advertise on a board or a set of boards, send them to our sponsorship page.

Thank you,

Josh McLear